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We offer standard sizes and options for each of our tables. For customers who are looking for a one of a kind design, we offer custom many options for a small upgrade.

The Touch Of Wood is a small shop in Dothan Alabama. We understand that your purchase is very important so we focus on the details of what you want in your new dining room table.

What Size And Shape Table is Right for You? How many people you want to be able to comfortably seat?

24″ of space per person for a tight fit, 30″ for a comfortable fit. Kids take up less space, adults take up more.

For rectangular tables divide two times the length of the table by 30, then add two places for the ends. Round up or down, for a tighter or more comfortable feel.

Example: A 72″ x 40″ table. 72 x 2 = 144 / 30 = 4.8, round to 5, + 2 for the ends = 7. So perhaps 3 per side a bit tight, and 2 per end. Or 6 people total, very comfortable.

For round tables, you’ll need to determine the circumference, then divide that by 30.

Example: A 72″ round table. 72 x 3.14 (pi) = 226.08 / 30 = 7.536, or 8 people pretty comfortably.

For square tables, divide the length of each side by 30, then multiply by 4. Most square tables seat 4, as you end up with a lot of waste in a 60″ square table, which seats 8. A comfortable square table is 40″ square.